yusa village homeowners' association

Yusa Village Homeowners’ Association Donates Essential Spaces to General Santos City, Advancing Sustainable Housing Solutions

On September 27, 2023, the Yusa Village Homeowners’ Association in General Santos City orchestrated a significant turnover ceremony, formally transferring their village’s open spaces, road networks, and designated areas for a daycare center and water system to the local government of General Santos City and Barangay Sinawal, respectively.

The ceremony was a testament to the community’s spirit of collaboration and its commitment to sustainable housing solutions. Esteemed guests from various stakeholders attended, including Joseph Alvin F. Veneracion, the executive assistant responsible for peace and order, representing the city’s local government; Dave Yulo from the Bids and Awards Committee; barangay councilor Eduardo O. Gido; Program Director and Corporate Secretary Rodolfo Dewara, LANDS Program Unit Head Eugene Reyla, and Community Mortgage Program (CMP) Unit Head and community organizer Gelsa Pocdol from the KPS Foundation.

yusa village homeowners' association
Gelsa Pocdol (left), Rodolfo Dewara (middle), and Eugene Reyla (right) during the turnover ceremony

As previously covered in “Turning Dreams into Reality,” many of the Yusa Village Homeowners’ Association members now possess titles to their respective home lots. In a commendable step, the association donated these essential spaces to the local government, envisioning their transformation through developmental projects.

The Yusa Village Homeowners’ Association’s donation is a testament to the success of self-help and socialized-housing initiatives, facilitated by the KPS Foundation through its LANDS program. This program provides raw land to its members and introduces site development, made possible through the cooperation of local government units. The turnover ceremony symbolizes the shared commitment of the community and its partners to enhance the quality of life for all residents of Yusa Village and reflects the positive impact of collaborative efforts in achieving sustainable housing solutions.

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