Empowering HOAs & CAs: Collaborative Achievements and Challenges

In partnership with the Sub-Committee on Housing under the Social Development Committee of General Santos, the KPS Foundation convened a comprehensive meeting on November 27, 2023, at the KPS Training Center. This gathering brought together homeowner associations (HOAs) and community associations (CAs) supported by the KPS Foundation through its Land Acquisition through Negotiated Direct Scheme (LANDS) and Community Mortgage Program (CMP) projects. The agenda encompassed crucial topics such as updates from the CSO Land and Housing Forum, challenges faced by each association, Department of Human Settlement and Urban Development (DHSUD) registration and reportorial requirements, and, upcoming collaborative initiatives with the city government for December.

The meeting commenced with the sharing of updates from individual associations, underscoring the cooperative spirit embedded in these community organizations. Several HOAs took pride in their notable achievements, including the establishment of covered courts, street lights, water systems, concreted roads, tourism center, and accolades for best HOA practices at regional and national levels. Notably, some HOAs demonstrated their commitment to community welfare by donating public spaces to the local government, resulting in significant developments facilitated by various government agencies at different administrative levels.

Despite commendable progress, challenges persist. The city government of General Santos grapples with a shortage of relocation sites, a pressing concern for associations affected by disasters such as fires. Additionally, certain associations encounter difficulties in mobilizing their members to actively participate in initiatives and bear the expenses associated with individual land title processing for their home lots.

The meeting emphasized the importance of collaboration and involvement in fostering thriving communities. HOA officers shared insights on creative initiatives, highlighting the innovative contributions of certain association officers. A renewed understanding of how associations should operate was expressed, reinforcing the value of a collective approach to community development.

Gelsa Pocdol, CMP Unit Head and community organizer at KPS Foundation, underscored the significance of registering associations with DHSUD. She emphasized the necessity of submitting the Preliminary Subdivision Development Plan – Development Permit (PSDP/DP) and highlighted its crucial role in the processing of individual titling for residential lots. Gelsa urged every association to adhere to DHSUD guidelines for reporting, reinforcing the importance of compliance for the benefit of their communities.


Rodolfo Dewara, corporate secretary and program director of the KPS Foundation, concluded the meeting with a call to action. He urged each association to persist in their collaborative efforts, emphasizing the role of community participation. Dewara invited every association to partake in the upcoming Urban Poor Solidarity event organized by the General Santos local government in December, reinforcing the collective responsibility in addressing community challenges and advancing shared goals.

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