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Abrea Village HOA Formed

On October 21, 2023, an exciting and pivotal moment took place as member-beneficiaries of Abrea Village, with invaluable support from the KPS Foundation, officially established their homeowners’ association (HOA) within the community’s designated open space. This momentous occasion marks the culmination of Phase 1 of the LANDS program, wherein they successfully fulfilled their financial obligations to the landowner for their respective homelots. With this critical phase behind them, the residents of Abrea Village took a proactive step towards fostering a more vibrant and sustainable neighborhood by forming the Abrea Village HOA.

The decision to create this HOA was not arbitrary; it followed a thorough exploration of shared concerns and an earnest debate on potential solutions. This collective effort reflects their commitment to addressing the needs of their community comprehensively.

During the event, Gelsa Pocdol, the CMP Unit Head and community organizer at KPSFI, emphasized the significance of having an organized group and a duly registered homeowners’ association recognized by the Department of Human Settlement and Urban Development (DHSUD). Registering as a legally constituted entity with the government empowers the community to collaborate with governmental bodies in addressing the issues they’ve identified. She also urged the newly elected HOA officers to diligently prepare all the necessary documentation required for the registration process.

abrea village
Surfacing of identified community concerns and potential solutions by member-beneficiaries.
abrea village
Member-beneficiaries discussing potential solutions based on identified concerns.

The elected Abrea Village Homeowners’ Association officers and board of directors are the following: Russ Gatilogo (President), Arnel Ramirez (Vice President), Alona Naval (Secretary), Mary Jane Belmes (Treasurer), Roy Aborde (Auditor), Lorilyn Osiliba (Grievance Committee), Charo Lagcao (Audit Committee), Helen Sacote (Gender and Development Committee), Maricel Bronsal (DRRM Committee), and the Board of Directors: Robert A. Rapuso, Ciriaco Calago, Jr., Merlyn L. Naguit, and Veronica Demecillo.

Furthermore, Jhonard Rojas, a Titling Staff member at KPSFI, provided insight into the procedures involved in individual lot titling. He outlined the specific documentary requirements, including government identification cards, tax identification numbers, and more, that member-beneficiaries must compile and submit. With the unwavering support of the KPS Foundation, the newly formed HOA will embark on a journey to process their Preliminary Subdivision Development Plan (PSDP), Development Permits (DP), License to Sell (LTS), and other essential documentation. The path to securing property titles in their names requires meticulous attention, diligent efforts, and steadfast dedication.

abrea village
The newly elected officers and board of directors of Abrea Village Homeowners’ Association.

This momentous development represents a significant milestone in the ongoing LANDS program, an initiative designed to provide affordable and accessible housing options for low-income families. The community of Abrea Village, with its newly established HOA, is now better positioned to navigate the intricacies of the titling phase, ultimately realizing their dream of securing property titles for their homelots. This initiative not only uplifts individual households but also contributes to the broader goal of creating more inclusive and sustainable communities for all.

Once again, congratulations to the newly Abrea Village Homeowners’ Association set of officers.

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