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Alarcon Village HOA Formed

On February 25, 2024, KPS Foundation Inc. visited the program beneficiaries of Alarcon Village, situated at the Barangay Cannery Site in Polomolok, South Cotabato. Having successfully paid the landowner for their individual home lots during LANDS Program Phase 1, the beneficiaries now embark on their journey toward Phases 2 and 3. These phases involve the processing of their individual land titles and site development. To achieve this, the beneficiaries must demonstrate unwavering support and continuous effort in establishing themselves as a homeowners’ association.

The LANDS program serves as a beacon of participatory democracy, promoting collaborative solutions that empower marginalized communities while lessening reliance on government assistance. Since its inception in 1986, KPS’s steadfast commitment has consistently paved the way toward more secure and enhanced living conditions for urban poor families.

The CMP Unit Head of KPSFI and community organizer Gelsa Pocdol discussed the value of homeowner associations, emphasizing their roles in providing beneficiaries with vital services and fostering a strong sense of community through various social programs. She also highlighted Republic Act 9904 (RA 9904), a crucial piece of legislation that serves as a Magna Carta for Homeowners and Homeowners’ Associations. This law underscores the necessity of homeowners associations (HOAs) and mandates that all such associations register with the Department of Human Settlement and Urban Development (DHSUD) in accordance with Section 2, granting them legal personality.

alarcon village
Alarcon Village beneficiaries during the meeting with KPSFI Staff
alarcon village
Discussions during the meeting

During the meeting, beneficiaries of Alarcon Village actively voiced relevant issues and concerns related to community development. In response, Pocdol adeptly introduced the concept of Homeowners’ Association (HOA) formation as a proactive solution. She emphasized the association’s crucial role in addressing community needs and fostering effective collaboration with local government agencies. Furthermore, she underscored the importance of DHSUD recognizing the Alarcon Village HOA, as it plays an essential part in obtaining the Preliminary Subdivision Development Plan and Development Permit(PSDP/DP) — a crucial step to initiate the titling process and ignite comprehensive community development initiatives.

The elected officers and board of directors for the Alarcon Village Homeowners’ Association are as follows: Angelito Colejara (President), Armando Laguita (Vice President), Apple Jean Limos (Secretary), Joanne Decio (Treasurer), Ana Mae Rose Suarez (Auditor), Maximo Alvarado (Grievance Committee), Gelyn Daligdig (Election Committee), Charissa May Estolloso (Gender and Development), Joan Cordero (DRRM Committee), Ana Mae Rose Suarez (Audit Committee), and the Board of Directors: Josephine Datuin and Queenie Love Forones.

With the expectation that they will actively contribute to advancing the association’s goals, the newly elected officers were warmly welcomed by the beneficiaries.

Pocdol offered insightful recommendations to enhance HOA effectiveness, emphasizing the importance of regular meetings, transparent financial disclosures, and meticulous record-keeping. Additionally, she advocated for a strategic management approach grounded in principles of organization, meticulous planning, and unwavering commitment. These measures are essential to ensure the association’s long-term viability and effectiveness.

alarcon village
Alarcon Village beneficiaries

As the meeting conclude, Pocdol urged the HOA officers to promptly process the essential paperwork for DHSUD registration.

The beneficiaries’ meeting and HOA election in Alarcon Village exemplified a collective effort toward holistic growth and community empowerment. Guided by KPSFI’s unwavering support and leadership, Alarcon Village sets the stage for a future full of promise and prosperity. It embarks on a transformative path rooted in the values of inclusivity, transparency, and sustainable governance.

This momentous development represents a significant milestone in the ongoing LANDS program, an initiative designed to provide affordable and accessible housing options for low-income families.

The community of Alarcon Village, with its newly established HOA, is now better positioned to navigate the intricacies of the titling phase, ultimately realizing their dream of securing property titles for their home lots.

Once again, congratulations to the newly elected officers of the Alarcon Village Homeowners’ Association.

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