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HOA Formation of Eribal Village Beneficiaries

On March 8, 2024, representatives from KPS Foundation Inc. (KPSFI) conducted a visit to its beneficiaries residing the Eribal Village, situated at Purok Pingoy, within barangay Centralla of Surallah, South Cotabato. The meeting was held at KPSFI Surallah Branch Office, where the beneficiaries came together to discuss issues and concerns, possible developments to be introduce in their community, and their willingness to undergo HOA formation and establish their own homeowners’ association.

Eribal Village is a standout illustration of the numerous socialized housing initiatives facilitated by KPSFI across the SOCCSKSARGEN (South Cotabato, Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani, and General Santos City) region, specifically through the Land Acquisition thru Negotiated Direct Scheme (LANDS) under the direction of Socialized Housing and Estate Development (SHED). These initiatives are aimed at uplifting urban poor families by ensuring secure land tenure, thereby contributing significantly to poverty alleviation in the area.

The meeting was skillfully facilitated by Gelsa Pocdol, KPSFI’s Education and Training, and Community Mortgage Program (CMP) unit head, who is also a council member of the National Anti-Poverty Commission – National Urban Poor Sectoral Council (NAPC-NUPSC). Also in attendance were KPSFI Vice President and SHED Director, Rogelio Funclara, and LANDS program unit head, Eugenio Reyla Jr.

Funclara reiterated that KPS Foundation is not a property developer but a non-profit and non-government organization (NGO) focused on assisting urban poor communities and acting as a conduit facilitator between landowners and project beneficiaries.

In response to the beneficiaries’ concerns, particularly regarding water and electricity installations, he urged them to occupy their designated lots promptly and start building their homes. This action ensures the village’s visibility and accessibility to agencies responsible for basic services. True development does not merely advance the community from the outside; authentic development stems from within the community itself—the relationships forged through collective efforts, the mutual respect fostered by aiding one another, and the establishment of positive examples for everyone, promising a brighter future for their community.

eribal village
Gelsa Pocdol during the meeting with Eribal Village beneficiaries.

Pocdol stressed that the first step in addressing identified issues and concerns is for the community to establish their own homeowners’ association. Following this, they must also register their HOA to be officially recognized by the Department of Human Settlement and Urban Development (DHSUD). Registering as a legally constituted entity with the government empowers the community to engage effectively with governmental bodies in addressing their issues and concerns. Additionally, she urged the newly elected HOA officers to diligently prepare all the necessary documentation required for the registration process.

She enlightened the beneficiaries about the important role of the homeowners’ association in the community. During her presentation, she discussed the duties and responsibilities of the officers and the board of directors, emphasizing their crucial role in maintaining an organized, well-planned, and sustainable association.

Eribal Village is currently in Phase 1 of the Lands Program. Beneficiaries are diligently managing their payments to the landowner, with KPS facilitating the process. Subsequently, they will embark on their journey through Phases 2 and 3, which entail titling procedures and site development.

Jhonard Rojas, a titling specialist, encourages beneficiaries to actively engage in the HOA Formation process, including officer elections. By doing so, they become eligible for DHSUD registration, a crucial prerequisite for acquiring the Preliminary Subdivision Development Plan and Development Permit (PSDP/DP). These documents are essential steps toward initiating the titling process and unlocking opportunities for community development.

eribal village
Newly elected offices of Eribal Village Homeowners’ Association.
eribal village
Eribal Village beneficiaries.

The Eribal Village Homeowners’ Association has elected the following officers and board members: Richelle Robles (President), Anthony Dajay (Vice President), Rona Robles (Secretary), Maricel Marquez (Treasurer), and Melanie Calambro (Auditor). Additionally, the Board of Directors includes: Charmay Faith Alde, Gretchen Biter, Gretchel Bedrejo, Marlyn Hipa, Joel Albano, and Reynaldo Barona. These dedicated individuals will play essential roles in the association’s governance and community development.

eribal village
KPSFI staff and Eribal Village beneficiaries.

The successful formation of the Eribal Village Homeowners’ Association (HOA) paints a picture of a fully developed community in the future. KPS Foundation Inc. remains committed to supporting and guiding the homeowners’ association through all the necessary requirements for DHSUD registration.

Congratulations to the newly elected officers of the Eribal Village Homeowners’ Association.

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